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Robinson Lab Projects

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Autism Research

Dr. Robinson co-chairs the Autism Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium, as well as the Program in Neurodevelopmental Disorders at the Broad Institute.  Lab projects related to ASD include: genetic association, integration of findings from GWAS and exome data, and use of genotype and phenotype data to untangle ASD heterogeneity.

NeuroDev is a study of developmental disorders that, by 2022, will collect health and genetic information from over 5,000 people in Kenya and South Africa.The project will improve the medical community's understanding of intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorders, and other developmental differences in Africa, as well as all over the world.The research teams are based at the Kenyan Medical Research Institute, the University of Cape Town, the Harvard School of Public Health, and the Broad Institute.

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Learning biology from polygenicity

Common polygenic variation is the single largest contributor to risk for neuropsychiatric disease at a population level. The Robinson lab is developing quantitative approaches to characterize the functional impact of polygenic risk, and working collaboratively to interrogate its consequences across different model systems. 

Robinson Lab

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